Fernando Delano Riviera

Son of Jupiter

Member of The Second Cohort

(This Character Belongs to Nhlott)



FDR is bold, occasionally impulsive, and valiant. He has a strong sense of justice and is a strong believer in karma. He is an honest and caring person, a classic romantic, and is occasionally a flirt. He’s quick to take control of a situation, and usually slow to take offense.


Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born March 13
Family Jupiter(Father)

Dominique Riviera (Mother)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Brown
Height 6'3"
Affiliation Second Cohort
Weapons Tornami
Home Camp Jupiter



Growing up in Chicago, FDR was never truly happy. He would always have to live with his mother’s incessant babbling about his father, which she never spoke about to say more than “he was the best man I’ve ever been with, and no man will EVER compare to him.” A lot of people were afraid of him due to his size, and he’d developed an inferiority complex over the years, and his math teacher, Dr. Webber would always stare at him funny, almost as if he were hungry. On the last day of his senior year of high school, Dr. Webber called him from graduation practice into his office. He went in, and noticed a rope or something on his shoulder. When he reached to pull it, it turned into a snake, revealing that Dr. Webber was a Chimera. It began to attack, but a buddy of FDR’s, Carver, tackled him and yelled “C’mon!!” While running to FDR’s house, the chimera attacked again, but this time, lightning struck between them and a broadsword appeared in the ground. FDR grabbed it and sliced at the air where the monster was; it had disappeared. Carver then explained that he and Zeke were both demigods and that he needed to go to Camp Jupiter in San Fransisco while he took him to the Wolf house. After being accepted by Lupa and training in the wolf house for a few months, the chimera attempted a sneak attack. FDR sensed it in the air, just as it was about to lash out at him and he stabbed it in the chest with his sword, and lightning came down from the sky and it exploded into dust. Victorious, Lupa sent him of to camp, immediately being claimed as he stepped foot inside. After his probatio period, he now serves in the 2nd cohort.



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FDR is an 18 year old Puerto Rican male. He is 6'3, 205 lbs. He is muscular, with a slim build, similar to a dancer. He has dark brown, nearly black hair, and piercing hazel eyes. He also has an Eagle tattoo on his right forearm with SPQR and 2 lines under it .




  • Aerokinesis
  • Electrokinesis
  • Flight
  • Mental command over birds
  • Immunity to electricicty
  • Can summon lightning bolts from the sky.



He weilds an Imperial Gold sword, Tornami, given to him by his father.

Sword by Ugrik