Billie King
Life is A Circus.
Daughter of Pluto
Member of the 3rd cohort
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Pluti:Father

Hannah King:Mother

Status Alive, single
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Height 5'7"
Affiliation CJ

The gods

Weapons A whip and a sword
Species Demigod
Home CJ
Quests N/A


Pluto was wondering, when they decided to see a nearby circus, out of bordom. But when he saw Hannah King performing, he fell in love. He talked to Billie's mortal parent, and not long after, started dating. But then, it stopped. And not long after, Billie was born. At first, Hannah was told to stop performing in the circus. So they did. But not for long. One day, whilst Billie was 6, a circus came into town, and HHannah just HAD to join. They had missed it to much. So, Hannah searched for a circus in need of a tightrope walker, and found one. She got a nanny for Billie, and joined the circus once more.

At 12, Billie finally visited the circus, and fell in love with it. She wanted to join, but knew she was to young. Her mother let her walk on the tight rope, but with lots of protection and a wire, and she acced it. She also showed talent in gymnastics and horse riding. Hannah saw this. But before Billie had a chance to grow and join, she heard something. At night, she heard someone calling, saying she was to be taken away and put into care. She had heard storys about how care homes were evil places. These WERE tales kids had told to scare others, by saying they torture you, and beat you. And she was still young, and bealived them. So she ran away, with much difficulty.

She found the wolf house. She met Lupa there, who talked to her for a while. She then had to prove herself. She fought well, and was placed into the 1st/3rd cohort.


Billie's life revolves around circus. She always wears circus type cloths, does flips, cartwheels and more to move around and loves performing. She is flirty. She can seem childish, but underneath that is a kind, intellegant young woman. And under that, is a fashion mad girl.


  • Necromancy(controlling of the dead, summoning of undead skeleton)
  • Umbrakinesis
  • Minor geokinesis
  • Ccan open fissures that spout hellfire (Fire that burns the soul, rather than the body)
  • Can shadow travel
  • Can sense the death of other demigods
  • Can travel to and from the underworld with no ill effects.

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