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Welcome to Camp Jupiter Role-Play Wiki!

Welcome to Camp Jupiter! This role-play takes place a few years after the campers from the books have left, but we will be using the current year as a reference. Here, you can be a demi-god, or you can be a faun or other species within the books. Please contact an Administrator if you have any questions.


  • We are open!!!
  • Please help us get more users! Tell your friends!

Administration Team

Bureaucrats Administrators Rollbacks
The Administration Team is not set in stone.


Welcoming and Start-Up Development and Activities Administration and Regulation

~Rose Witch~, formerly Jasmine Campbell

Department Head


Department Head


Department Head

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Getting Started

If this is your first visit, you may wish to look at our getting started guide.


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Affiliate #3

Some content based off of Camp Half Blood Roleplay Wiki.

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