Eve Valentine
Child of Ariana/Optio of the Forth Cohort
(This Character Belongs to WonderfulTwilight)


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“It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.” ~ André Gide

Felix Valentine was a grandson of Fortuna (the goddess of Luck), he was brought up within New Rome so had a very good understanding of the place, A while after his 13th birthday, Lupa decided to give him a visit, when his father wasn't looking she took him and lead him to wolf house, but he wasn't as strong as she thought he was so she decided to kill him. His half-sister named Eve was still young at the time of her half-brother's death, so never knew much about it. As she grew up Lupa got a sudden intrest in her. So like her brother a while after her 13th birthday Lupa took her to Wolf House, Eve was strong enough not to get killed like her half-brother did, Lupa allowed her to join camp, in the 4th Cohort.

“Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.”

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The Lost Labyrinth
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born 1995
Family Gunther Valentine (Father)

Felix Valentine (Brother, Deceased)

Fortuna (Great-Grandmother)

Ariana (Mother)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Brunette
Height 5'5"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons A Plain Sword
Home New Rome/Camp

Quests None, yet.


Eve stands at 5'6" and has wavy brunette hair that falls half-way down her back, her skin is lightly tanned, her eyes are like deep hazel orbs with golden specks in them.


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Eve is a very loving person and is likely to throw away all she has for a total stranger, she is very protective and defensive, but if you do mess with her or her friends she'll bite, hard.


  1. Children of Ariana, while a labyrinth is summoned, have the ability to cause the walls of it to begin to close in at any location they want.
  2. Children of Ariana, while a labyrinth is summoned, have the ability to create 1 to 3 lesser monsters nearby them within it; these monsters, however, will not be controlled and will attack anyone they see.
  3. Children of Ariana have the ability to create a large portion of a labyrinth wall to defend themselves from most things; the wall corrodes over time.
  4. Children of Ariana, while a labyrinth is summoned, have the ability to cause the walls of it to alter them, further trapping anyone lost in it.
  5. Children of Ariana have the innate ability to find their way through/around any sort of puzzle, maze or obstacle.
  6. Children of Ariana have the ability to create a real labyrinth which traps them and anyone nearby in it for a short time.
  7. Children of Ariana have the ability to cause someone nearby to believe they are trapped inside a labyrinth, disrupting them from seeing anything else for a short time.
  8. Her children are generally always helpful to others, even strangers.
  9. Her children generally have an excellent sense of direction.

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