Fifth Cohort

640px-5th cohort

Messages from the Centurion & OptioEdit


Daisy -Child of Prosperina

Hello! Im Daisy Ness a Dona. Im your Centurion. If you have questions ask for Daisy!


Daisy -Child of Prosperina

Hi im Daisy! I would like to thank Dakota for not being active and letting me have Head



  1. Daisy Ness a Dona - Child of Prosperina


  1. Violette Cunnigham - Child of Nox

Current membersEdit

  1. Savannah Williams - Child of Venus
  2. Ashley Webber - Child of Timor
  3. Arabella Phillips - Legacy of Bellona
  4. Emma-Lynn Walker - Child of Neptune
  5. Severeno Ryler - Legacy of Mercury
  6. Luther Savrin - Child of Saturn
  7. Ginny Watson - Child of Mercury
  8. Effie Watson - Child of Mercury
  9. Effie Hadley - Child of Vulcan
  10. Als -Child lf Pluto
  11. Dakota Sire - Child of Neptune



Former MembersEdit


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