Welcome to Quests! After your first week here at Camp, you are able to enter quests. And after your a level 3, you are able to lead quests. Now, you need to request a Quest using the forum below, on how it is starting, who may be on it, and stuff like that. If it starts in a dream, use {{Dream|Who it's to|Message|From}} in your request. After that, take a look in the Book of Prophecies to find the prophecy that is best for your quest. The administrators (acting as the senate) will decide how much money to give you, plus support you will need in your request for a Quest below.

Moderator HeadEdit

  1. Nhlott

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Moderators currently assigned to questsEdit

Quests that Have begunEdit

Quests That Began but are InactiveEdit

Quests that have everything to start but haven'tEdit

Quests missing things: Objectives, questors, prophecyEdit

Quests that need a moderatorEdit


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