Kyle Lewis

Son of Pluto
Member of the Fourth Cohort
(This Character Belongs to Apollo)



He is freindly, caring and quite shy. Kyle is completly loyal to his freinds and family, he would die for them. But he will never talk to new people. He feels things quite deeply, but does'nt show it.

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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born -
Family Ebony Lewis (Sister), Pluto (Father), Jessica Lewis (Mother)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Light brown
Height Average
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons Stygian Iron sword
Home Camp Jupiter, Fourth Cohort
Quests None yet



They were born in New York to a god and Jessica Lewis. Jessica was quite rich and ran a large buisness. The god stayed for a year and then they had Ebony and Kyle. But he had to leave but just before he did he told Jessica everything, about his true identity, the gods, the monsters everything. Then he left. So Jessica raised the twins alone. She always told them stories about their dad and about the romans. They grew up knowing everything about the romans and about their dad.

When four they were sent to a primary school. They didn't make many freinds but they didn't care because they had each other. Ebony loved art as she could express herself, it was her favourite subject. While Kyle prefered science and learning about what mortals thought was real. When eight they were diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD. Then they started to get bullied. Ebony didn't care and fought back, harshly, while Kyle cried every night because of them.

One night on their 15th birthday they were found by Lupa and her wolves. Ebony and Kyle trained with them for two years and were then sent to Camp Jupiter. They were claimed within an hour of being there.



He has light brown hair and brown eyes. Kyle is always wearing messed up clothes. He is never on trend and is always in a mess. Kyle would never ever wear anything smart.



Sphere One

Necromancy(controlling of the dead, summoning of undead skeleton)


Minor geokinesis

Can open fissures that spout hellfire (Fire that burns the soul, rather than the body)

Can shadow travel

Can sense the death of other demigods

Can travel to and from the underworld with no ill effects.