(This Character Belongs to Librum legentem)

Samuel Braun




Vulcan(Father) Lucy Braun(mother)



Eye Colour


Hair Colour





Camp Jupiter Third Cohort


A Imperial gold gladius and spear.






Before he was born Vulcan reviled himself to his mother explaining who he was and he also, he said that when Samuel reach a point in his life, it would no long be safe for him to live in the mortal world because monsters would be drawn to him.

Samuel's life was been good, and for many years he lived in blissful ignorance of his past, but all good things must come to an end. A harpy found him a few weeks after his 16th birthday. He and his mother were forced to run, but they didn't go on foot they used their car. After a few hours driving they had a stroke of luck:The harpy was hit by a bus.

His mother realized she couldn't keep him safe any longer

She took him to Lupa where he learned of his heritage as the son of a god and was trained to fight, He stayed with lupa for about a year. And when she deemed him ready she told him how to find camp Jupiter. He set off towards camp but the harpy found him again, but this time he was ready, this was the moment Lupa had prepared him for. He drew his blade. He slashed for her chest but she just flew out of the way and then brought a downward sweep for his head with her claw he blocked it with his sword. The battle went on for much longer, each side trying to gain one little advantage, one little hit but neither could until finally he chopped off her head, By this time he was tired, and could hardly walk. He was just able to stumble to Camp before he past out. He was claimed shortly after he awoke.


He has shaggy brown hair, piercing blue eyes that seem to bore into you and broad shoulders. He stands 6'0".


He will ignore most insults and jabs but if he's having a bad day he'll bite, or should that be cut, your head off for the smallest reason.


  • pyrokinesis
  • resistance/invulnerability to heat and fire
  • well above average skill with metals/forging
  • above average strength (time in the forges, etc.)
  • Gladius

    His sword


    And spear

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