• Head of Ravenclaw

    Grand Opening

    March 6, 2012 by Head of Ravenclaw

    As I begin, I would like to first off welcome everyone to the wiki!

    All of you have helped set up, big or small, wether it being coding templates to just giving me advice, it all helps. And now, I'm excited to say we are officially open!

    Of course, we are still tweaking things and all that, and the Quest system will be up and running in about a week. The navigation bar currently has a couple broken links, and we are working on completing all the pages on that bar ASAP.

    I would like to thank everyone, but especially a few people.

    You came in a few weeks ago and added pictures and beautified the wiki. You helped code some pages, add pictures, colors, and all the amazing stuff.

    You came in a month or so ago and created more templates than I could'…

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